NP3X CQ WPX SSB Contest 1999

Operators: Alfredo Velez WP3C, James Soto KP2BH, Rafael Rodriguez KP4WW (ex wp4nhm),
Bruce Phegley W4OV, Julio Ripoll WD4R (ex wd4jr), Jaime Vazquez WP3A

Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto (The Enchanted Island) is a beautiful island, with its sandy beaches,
green mountains, rich and colorful history and very friendly people.
The NP3X team is very grateful for the support of our host Moises Vargas KP3P for the use of his QTH
and antenna farm. Special Thanks to Angel Vazquez WP3R for the tour of the Arecibo Observatory.
Thanks also to our QSL manager David Novoa W4DN and to our families for their love and support.

Contest Results: SSB Multi-Multi Total QSO's: 6,707 Prefixes: 1,163 Score: 22,363,327
Equipment: Radios: Icom IC781, IC751, Yaesu FT1000mp, FT990, Kenwood TS940, TS440
Amplifiers: Alpha 76, Icom PW1, Yaesu FT7000, ETO 91b, Ameritron AL-82b
Antennas: 160m: WA7UQV Balloon Antenna, 80m: dipole, 40m: 4 element yagi @ 100 ft.,
20m: 5 element yagi @90 ft, 15m: 6 element yagi @ 60 ft, 10m: 6 element yagi @ 80 ft.

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