Amateur Radio at the
National Hurricane Center

1999 National Hurricane Conference
Outstanding Achievement Award

Julio Ripoll WD4R, Florida Governor Jeb Bush & John McHugh K4AG
This picture was taken at the 1999 National Hurricane Conference Awards Ceremony.
The WX4NHC (ex W4EHW) Operators and the Hurricane Watch Net were both presented the Outstanding Achievement Award
for their volunteer duties during the past season.

The audience of about 1,500 people included Dr. Neil Frank, Dr. Bob Sheets, past NHC Directors
and Mr. Jerry Jarrell, the present NHC Director.
Also present were Dr. William Gray and the top leaders from FEMA, NOAA, NWS Weather and
Emergency Agencies from around the United States, the Caribbean and Central America.

The WX4NHC Station was established in 1980 and staffed by over 35 volunteer Amateur Radio Operators.
All of the WX4NHC volunteer operators worked very hard and share in this prestigious award of national recognition.

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