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Amateur Radio & Scuba Diving

(Above picture was taken by Bruce W4OV after Diving the Northwest Wall
at Providenciales Island, Turks & Caicos, B.W.I.)

Welcome to the WD4R (ex WD4JR, WD4JNS) Amateur Radio
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  • Amateur Radio, also known as " Ham Radio ", Computers and Scuba Diving are a great combination of Hobbies.
    I have been very fortunate to enjoy them together, specially when I travel to Islands on DXpeditions for DX Contesting.
    These DXpeditions are combination of Radio DXing and Contesting, computers, camping, survival, excitement,
    scuba diving and Island adventures.
    Amateur Radio has also been a great tool that has allowed me to participate in a great number of Public Service activities
    and emergency communications.
    Ham Radio usually gets through when other conventional means of communications (like telephones) are down.

    DX means contacting other Hams in distant countries.   I have worked 280 countries so far.  
    During a DX Contest, it is not unusual to work over 100 countries in 48 hours.    

    DXpeditions are expeditions by Ham Operators "DXers" to rare countries or islands to provide other Hams with
    a rare contact.   The contact is confirmed with a QSL card similar to the one above and has the statistics of the contact on the back.

    Personal Statistics:
    Licensed Amateur Radio Operator since 1977,   Extra Class License.      
    Scuba Diver since 1989, PADI Rescue Diver.
    Licensed Architect since 1985, University of Miami Class of 1981,   Miami Senior High School Class of 1975

    ARRL DX Contest Calls: VP5V (1989) & VP5V (1991) Providenciales Island, Turks & Caicos, PJ4V (1990) Saba Island, V47C (2000) St. Kitts Island

    Ex-calls: WD4JNS (1977-2000), WD4JR (2000-2003)

    DXpeditions : /C6A Bahamas, /KV4 St. Thomas Virgin Islands, /KP4 Puerto Rico, /PJ6 Saba Island,
    VP5VDV Turks & Caicos Islands, /HR6 Roatan Island, ZF2JS/ZF8 Little Cayman Island, /KP2 St. Croix Virgin Islands, V47CC St. Kitts Island, C6AJJ Bahamas, /KH6 Hawaii, /KL7 Alaska, /VP9 Bermuda,

DXpedition QSL Cards & Pictures
NP2B & /KP2 St. Croix, Virgin Islands ARRL DX & CQ WW 2006
Bermuda VP9 CQ WW 2004
NP2B & /KP2 St. Croix, Virgin Islands CQ WW 2002
V47CC St. Kitts Island ARRL DX CW 2000
NP2B & /KP2 St. Croix, Virgin Islands CQ WW 1999
NP3X Puerto Rico CQ WPX SSB 1999
NP2B & /KP2 St. Croix, Virgin Islands CQ WW 1998
HR6/ Roatan Island, Honduras (1998)
ZF2JS/ZF8 Little Cayman Island, B.W.I. (1997)
VP5V Providenciales Island, Turks & Caicos (1989)
PJ4V Saba Island, Neth. Antilles (1990)
PJ6/WD4JNS Saba Island, Neth. Antilles (1990)
VP5B Providenciales Island, Turks & Caicos (1991)

Check On-Line DX Logs V47C, V47CC, KP2/WD4JNS(1999) & HR6/WD4JNS

My Public Services Activities:
Dade County Emergency Management (Emergency Communications Volunteer)
Amateur Radio Public Service Corps
March of Dimes (since 1978), Multiple Sclerosis MS150 Bike Tour (since 1991)
Orange Bowl Marathon, Jr. OB Parade, & OB 1/2 Time Shows (1980s)
National Hurricane Center Amateur Radio Station Co-Founder and Coordinator (1980-1987)
NHC Amateur Radio Asst. Coordinator (1995-present)
NHC Volunteer Amateur Radio WX4NHC Operator (1980 - present.)

Recent Public Service Event pictures:
March of Dimes 2005
MS150 Breakaway Bike Tour 2005

Amateur Radio at the National Hurricane Center:
            WX4NHC - Amateur Radio station at NHC  
PIX: NHC Director Bill Read KB5FYA at WX4NHC 2008 
PIX: NHC Director Max Mayfield at WX4NHC 2000   
PIX: National Hurricane Conference 1999 Award (Gov. Bush, WD4R & KU4GY) 
PIX: WX4NHC Operators 
PIX: WX4NHC QSL Card  (Hurricane Andrew composite)
PIX: NHC Building
PIX: WX4NHC station & Article by N4PBF 
PIX: NHC Director Jerry Jarrell at WX4NHC 1998   
PIX: NHC Director Dr. Bob Sheets  1995                                   
PIX: Antenna Crew at NHC 
PIX: NHC Director Dr. Neil Frank & WD4R 1980
PIX: Mr. Ron Brown, Commerce Secretary 
National Hurricane Center's Official Web Site

WX4NHC Amateur Radio Station at the National Hurricane Center
Hurricane Online Weather Report Form (for stations in the affected area only)
How to contact WX4NHC at the National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Watch Net 

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