Shark Rodeo at Walkers Cay, Bahamas

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The Famous Shark Rodeo Dive at Walkers Cay, Bahamas
Divers:  Bob Andersohn, Bruce Phegley, Julio Ripoll
The Shark Rodeo at Walker's Cay in the Bahamas in the most exciting shark dive in the Caribbean.  
As the boat approaches the shark feeding area,  the boat captain circles and revs the engine five or six times.  This signals the sharks in the area that it is FEEDING TIME.  
The brave divers enter the water and they are immediately greeted by circling sharks waiting for their free meal. 
We swim briskly (actually drop like a rock) to the bottom where the lead dive master is waiting.  
The boat captain then throws a "CHUMSICLE"  (dead fish parts frozen in a 30 gallon can) which hangs about 20 feet off the bottom.  
Although the water was cool,  it looked like it was boiling with sharks.
Almost 100, yes, ONE HUNDRED sharks go into a real eating frenzy !
An amazing sight. Scary at first,  but then you realize that the sharks don't associate the divers with the food and you start to swim with them....
(only for a very short time...) after one bumps you the first time, you know it's time to hug the sand with the rest of the divers....  
The food at the resort restaurant was worthy of gourmet status....definitely ***** ! And the package price was just right!  
We are planning to go back this summer. Any volunteers?   
Manny Thanks to Anna and Jim Abernathy of Scuba Adventures for the great Adventure Package, 
the wonderful staff at Walker's Cay and my buddies, for guarding by back side.... 
The Dive was done Feb. 16, 1999.
UW Photos by Julio & Bruce.

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