Amateur Radio at the
National Hurricane Center

How to contact WX4NHC

Amateur Radio HF Frequencies - (single sideband mode)
20 meters : 14.325 MHz Hurricane Watch Net (Main frequency during Hurricanes)
40 meters : 7.268 MHz Water Way Net (secondary frequency) Maritime Mobiles Net
80 meters : 3.815 MHz Caribbean Net, (Alternates: 3.950 : North Florida / 3.940 South Florida)
Amateur Radio VHF/UHF Frequencies
VHF : 147.470 MHz simplex - Coordination frequency for NHC ops. (official use only, please) (also back-up simplex for ARPSC Dade County Emergency Net)
VHF : 147.000/146.400 repeater (S. Florida FM Assoc.)
UHF : 444.200/449.200 repeater (S. Florida FM Assoc.)
APRS mode Frequencies
HF : 30 meters : 10.151 MHz (LSB)
VHF : 2 meters : 144.390 MHz simplex
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Amateur Radio Coordinator:
John McHugh, K4AG Email:
Asst. Amateur Radio Coordinator:
Julio Ripoll, WD4R Email:

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