Amateur Radio at the
National Hurricane Center

W4NKJ & WD4R at the WX4NHC HF, VHF, UHF station position
The main radio equipment was donated by Yaesu.

W4NKJ & WD4R at the WX4NHC APRS station position
WX4NHC monitors APRS on HF & VHF

W4NKJ & WD4R adjusting WX4NHC antennas on the roof of NHC
WX4NHC currently has 6 antennas on HF & VHF & UHF

Joe Schmidt, W4NKJ, former Amateur Radio Coordinator for WX4NHC
Julio Ripoll, WD4R, Asst. Amateur Radio Coordinator for WX4NHC
These pictures were taken in June1996 by Larry Mulvehill, WB4ZPI at National Hurricane Center.

All of the equipment and antennas used at WX4NHC has been donated by private companies.
Please refer to the WX4NHC Home Page for a complete list of Donors.

Hams' reward: Community's welfare
As Hurricane Lili approached Cuba and South Floridians prepared for its wind and rain,
a corps of public-spirited ham-radio operators was working without pay to
ensure that communications within the community and with the rest of world
would be uninterrupted even had the storm hit here. They provided communications
in grand style during and after Hurricane Andrew, too.
Each hurricane shelter that houses evacuees has a ham radio operator.
So do hospitals, the American Red Cross, the Dade County Emergency Operations Center,
and the National Hurricane Center.

These men and women gather weather data from hams in the storm areas to supplement
forcasters' data from satellites and from hurricane-hunter aircraft. During any storm emergency,
the tally will show that several hundred hams logged several thousand hours of volunteer services.
The community's welfare is their reward.

Rick Vahan, N4PBF (sk), Miami

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