Diving in Little Cayman Island

Bloody Bay Wall,  Little Cayman Island, B.W.I.
Petting "Ben" the friendly grouper.
Diver:  Julio Ripoll
Dive Buddies:  Max Price & Bruce Phegley. Free Diver: Bob Patten
Marilyn's Cut is one of many spectacular Dive Sites along the famous Bloody Bay Wall on Little Cayman Island
The late Phillipe Cousteau called Bloody Bay Wall, "one of the 3 finest dive sites in the world !"
Little Cayman Island is located about 80 miles NE of Grand Cayman Island.
Reef Divers at Little Cayman Beach Resort provided first class boat & excellent Dive Masters. 
Reef Diver's Web Site.
Dive profile: wall started at about 35', max. depth done: 110', Ben found at 45'.
Water temp.=85 f., Visability = 100', seas = 1-2', no current.   
The Dive was done July, 1997.

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